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Flexible exposure control

Improve your productivity by spending less time measuring and calculating the proper exposure for your artwork. Forget the often quoted rules: “Expose for the highlights” or “Set the white patch RGB values to 245 245 245″. Simply adjust your exposure controls (exposure, aperture or ISO) in your preferred combination to fully capture the histogram of your artwork. ColorPony will take care of the rest! Exposing has never been so easy.

Effortless lighting

You don’t need to spend valuable time lighting your artwork. ColorPony automatically corrects for any non-uniformities in your lighting. Feel free to illuminate the artwork as you like, not how the camera requires. Go ahead use raking light with only one light source!

No specific hardware required

Do you have a camera or set of lights you like? ColorPony won’t make you change them or buy a costly printer you won’t use. ColorPony supports many cameras, and its output images can be printed on the printer of your choice. Are we missing your favorite camera? Just let us know!

Batch processing

ColorPony makes it easy to process one image or hundreds of images. Images can be queued to be processed later and every processed image contains information about how it was processed embedded inside the image file.

Automatic equipment selection

ColorPony takes the guess work out of selecting the best equipment to capture a job accurately. It will recommend your camera, filters and lights combination for your most accurate reproduction.

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