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ColorPony is not your standard color-matching software.  It takes the act of profiling your camera and turns it on its head.  ColorPony automatically and inherently creates a profile from the colors you are photographing not from some standard color chart.  Why spend time creating a profile to match standard colors rather than the colors you really want to match?

ColorPony’s unique approach may be unorthodox, but it produces the most accurate color match on the market.  Don’t take our word for it, we offer a free 45 day trial so you can see it for yourself.

There are only a few steps needed to receive your free 45 day trial of ColorPony.

  1. Download the software
  2. Create a ColorYoke Account
  3. Configure ColorPony for your equipment  (don’t worry, this is very easy)
  4. Start photographing your objects

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