ColorYoke, Inc. specializes in accurate and efficient color matching. Our signature software product, ColorPony, enables accurate and efficient color matching of art from capture to reproduction without requiring the user to be a color expert or color scientist.

Need more help? The ColorYoke team is dedicated to our customers. We will work closely with you solve any of your color matching issues.


Our capture-to-print color matching product, ColorPony, can increase the efficiency and color accuracy of your fine art workflow. Don’t waste time tweaking captures, proofs and prints. Sit back and let ColorPony do the work for you. Best yet, ColorPony works with most cameras and printers so there is no need to buy new hardware, and it is free to try out!

Custom Calibrations

Color charts and ICC capture profiles not working for you? ColorYoke uses state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary algorithms to produce accurate spectral calibrations of your equipment. When these calibrations are used together with ColorPony software, they result in accurate and efficient color matching.

Professional Services

Our team of image scientists, color scientists and service professionals are ready to solve any of your color imaging or workflow issues. Let us share some of our 50+ years of combined experience and friendly faces with you.

Color Matching Software and Services